10 Easy Hairstyles for SHORT Hair


hey guys welcome back to my channel recently a lot of you have been asking me to do a article where I show you some hairstyles for short hair

I feel like a lot of girls with short hair struggle with what to do with it

so today I thought I would show you 10 of my quickest easiest cutest hairstyles for short hair

so I hope you enjoyed the article and let’s get on with it

so the first hairstyle is definitely the most simple so first of all I’m just clipping my hair half up half down and spraying it with heat protectant spray

I am then taking my GHD straighteners and just straightening through the bottom layer then I will let down the top half and do exactly the same to this layer using one of these little pointy combs

I’m really sorry I’m not sure what they’re called I’m going to give myself a middle parting before I straighten it through if you prefer a little bit of a messy look you can run your fingers through your hair but for this particular look

I was going for more of a neat classy sort of finish or alternatively you can take this hairstyle and give yourself a side parting take some dry shampoo to give it some more volume wrap it up backcomb it a little bit and there you have your messy straightened look

so for this second look you want to brush and straighten your hair then taking a comb you’re going to give yourself a side parting a quite far over to the side of your head you are then going to give yourself a second parting so that you kind of have the shape of T on the top of your head and you want to tie up the back of your hair to keep it out the way and you should have this section free at the front then taking your comb again you’re going to section off a slither of hair closest to your first parting and we are going to French braid this front section

if you are not familiar with French braiding there are so many tutorials on YouTube I’m not great explaining it but this is how I do mine it does not have to be neat let me stress that and then tie it off using a small elastic like I said I prefer it messy so I’m going to pull bits of hair out of the braid and I’m going to mess it up quite a lot then let down the rest of your hair and take a small section of hair from the back underneath of your head

this will allow you to tie your braids to this section of hair and keep it out of the way for the rest of the day and as long as you choose a chunk of hair from the underneath of your head the rest of your braid is going to stay hidden and this is the final look

I think this one is so cute and it’s perfect for keeping your short hair out of your face the third hairstyle is super easy so once you have brushed and straightened your hair you’re going to section off a top layer of your hair and using your fingers brush all your hair back into the same direction tie it off with a small elastic and again you can pull bits of hair out and mess it up a little bit if you want to I then chose to take this small hair bow I actually got this from the build-a-bear workshop is the ones that go on the Bears is but it looks so cute in your hair

I’m not sure if I’m cool enough for this next hairstyle but these are the space buns so you want to give yourself a middle parting and push your hair back into the same direction taking the top section of hair you’re going to twist it into a small bun is it just me or does this look remind everyone of Miley Cyrus instantly

tie the bun off with a small elastic and do the same thing on the other side of your head if any bits of the bun aren’t cooperating with you

you can take a bobby pin and just pin it in place again this is supposed to be a messy kind of just thrown together look so don’t worry if your two buns don’t look the same and this is me having a little party for one for the fifth hairstyle you’re going to start off by using some dry shampoo in your hair then brush it through to make it a bit more neat and backcomb it for a little bit of extra volume and tilting your head back you won’t get all of your hair running in the same direction and slowly add pieces of your hair to your ponytail

once again I’m going to mess it up pull a bit of hair out and you likely to straighten your ponytail if you feel like your hair’s looking a bit all over the place and then using a bobby pin I’m going to pin up those underneath hairs that all of us girls with short hair have to deal with on a daily basis hairstyle number six is incredibly similar is practically the same hairstyle but with a bun instead

I feel like this one is quite a nice smart casual look because this hairstyle keeps all of your hair out your face this will be perfect for school or work or even if you’re just chilling out on a hot day look number seven is one that I go for a lot the easiest way to do this is to tip the head upside down but you are going to put your hair in a high ponytail then I always pull bits out to make it look a lot more messy are you feeling yet that messy is my kind of look I get these little pineapple bits of hair just because of the way my hair is cut so if you are not a fan of that you can always tuck it underneath your ponytail and it will keep it down I then just quickly hopped in the shower and dampened my hair brushed it through and put it in French braids because for the next few hairstyles

I’m going to need wavy – curly hair so I’m going to give myself a middle parting all the way down my head tie off one half to keep it out the way and then it might be difficult but you’re going to attempt a French braid down the side of your head you probably won’t be able to get it to the back of your head purely because if you have short hair that’s quite difficult so I find that my French braids are kind of more down the side of my head but that’s alright because I’m just going to sleep anyway tie it off with a small elastic and do exactly the same to the other side then you are ready for bed this hair saw is actually super comfortable to sleep on as well ten out of ten recommend so when you wake up in the morning it should look something like this

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I’m going to take it out on my hair we’ll have a nice subtle wave I’m then going to take a comb and give myself a side parting but you do not want to brush through your hair at this stage because it will turn it into a massive frizz form this could be a hairstyle itself but I’m going to take it one step further and do a braid down the side of my head so using your smaller section of hair you’re going to start a French braid and do it kind of similarly to the way you’ve just slept on it but obviously try and do it a bit more neat and it’s going to be a lot smaller braids too and then when you get to about behind your ear just secure your braids with a bobby pin this look is really pretty and it could definitely be dressed up or dressed down hairstyle number nine is one of my all-time favorites it’s kind of similar to the hair style with beau so you’re just going to section off the top layer of hair and using your fingers brush your hair back into the same direction and you’re then going to twist it into a small top knot on the top of your head how cute is that this look really nice with straight hair too but I definitely prefer it with wavy hair I feel like it gives it a lot more volume and just generally think the messy look suits his hairstyle bit more hairstyle number ten is how I do my loose curls first of all I spray my hair with heat protectant spray

I use the bubble is waving wand on the 185 degrees Celsius setting then I literally just take different sections of my hair all different shapes all different sizes here’s me having a little dance party for one again hold the curling wand in your hair for about eight seconds and then if you hold the curl against your head just for a couple of seconds afterwards while it immediately calls it will help your curls last a bit longer then I might do a thinner bit a smaller bit a thick a bit just so that it doesn’t all look the same obviously you can also do some tighter curls some looser curls just jazz it up however you wish then using your fingers you’re going to comb through your curls to make them a bit more subtle at the minute they’re looking a bit ring lychee I’m looking a little bit like a doll you can add a bit of dry shampoo if you feel you need to mess it up a bit shake around a bit and there you have your messy loose curls so those are the ten hairstyles that I’m going to be showing you today I hope this article has helped you out if you felt like you needed a bit of guidance do subscribe if you haven’t already and you can see my articles every single Thursday so I will see you again next week with a new article


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