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Angle Cut for Frizzy and Thick Hair

Women who have frizzy and thick hair quite often find it complicated when they have to choose the right cut. But, they can actually resort to some haircuts which most people with even the frizziest and thickest hair can embrace.
Angle Cut for Frizzy and Thick Hair

Frizz and curls, sometimes, can fascinatingly create interest, bring in more volume to the hair, and create wash-and-go ease with a number of hairstyles. Here is an inspiration to try out.
Angle Cut for Frizzy and Thick Hair
The last option that you can try is the Angle Cut. This is basically the combination of razor layering and dramatic layers.

The haircut will look much longer, framing the face, yet will angle shorter right to the back of your head. Meanwhile, the front layers will be razored, which makes them appear thin and pointed toward the bottom. The back of the layers will be all the more dramatic.
Angle Cut for Frizzy and Thick Hair
That will surely create poof and volume in the back. Another great thing about this angle cut is that, while it is still so poofy and frizzy in the back, the facial features can stand on their own adorned with the face-framing front of the haircut.
Angle Cut for Frizzy and Thick Hair
In addition, this cut can also be made straight in order to achieve a completely different style. One of many celebrities, who pulls off this haircut is Victoria Beckham.
Angle Cut for Frizzy and Thick Hair
You see that the cut really complements her face shape. Particularly, this haircut can be give flirty look to oval shape. So, if you have the same oval shape and frizzy hair, perhaps this haircut can be your solution.
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