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Angled Shag for Medium Hair

Are you looking for a great hairstyle for your medium hair? Well, whether you realize it or not, medium hair can be styled in a lot of different haircuts. Medium hair denotes hair length which falls between the chin and shoulders.
Angled Shag for Medium Hair

That being said, the hair is not so long, nor very short, which means that you will not have too much trouble when styling medium hair.
Angled Shag for Medium Hair
If you are interested in active and fresh look, then you had better take into account the angled haircuts.

This type of hair can complement women with any kind of face shape and is great to complement fine, thin hair since the cut can help to create body and volume. Let us have a look at one of the inspirational angled haircuts for medium hair, the angled shag.
Angled Shag for Medium Hair
An angled shag is actually like a trendier model of the angled bob. It can consist of a lot of angled layers which frame the face.

Unlike the flirty angled bob, which is another counterpart of angled shag, the layers occur all over the head and not basically in the front.
Angled Shag for Medium Hair
This type of haircut was made popular by Jennifer Anniston’s character on “friends” and was then subsequently dubbed “Rachel”.
Angled Shag for Medium Hair
This particular hair style is great to complement round and square-shaped face structure as it can soften the features while at the same time it can bring out cheekbones. In addition, it is successful in adding more natural volume without the need of using too much styling products.

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