Braided Hairstyles for South African Women


It appears that the realm of hairstyle has always offered something different and unique. With the abundance of hair types and lengths, there are more and more hairstyles which evolve, as shown on magazine cover and on the internet. Traditional South African hairstyles sport the diverse textures of hair among African women.
Partial Braids with Loose Ends for Black Women
As a result, South African hairstyles are known to be the most creative in the world. Generally, native South African hair texture is quite thick, curly, and oftentimes hard to manage.
Partial Braids with Loose Ends for Black Women
South African hairstyles were basically designed to beautify and celebrate traditional African hair while at the same time making the style all the more manageable. If you are looking for the inspirations of South African hairstyles, then you are on the right place. Read on!
Partial Braids with Loose Ends for Black Women
The cornrow braids are one of the most popular hairstyles among African women. The braids, which are also traditionally known as plaits, were essentially created for hot and arid climates.
Partial Braids with Loose Ends for Black Women
These kinds of braids allow thick, tightly curled hair in order to lay flat in a nice design. Most South African women wear cornrows. Actually, the name “cornrows” comes from the commonality between newly planted rows of corn and these flat braids.
Cornrowed Braiding Style for Black Women
The cornrow braid hairstyles have been popular in a lot of countries across the globe, including the United States. This particular braided hairstyle is known to first evolve in the African artwork as early as 500 B.C.
Micro Braid Style for Black Women
This leads lots of experts to assume that cornrow braided hairstyles originate in Africa.

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