Changing Dark to Blonde Ideas


Lots of women with long dark hair want to make their hair blonde. Yet you can dye your hair as many as you wish with blonde dye yet it won’t work. In order to lighten your dark hair to blonde, you need extra step.
Changing Dark to Blonde Ideas
Bleaching your hair is the first step to achieve the blonde ton that you are longing for. But don’t be afraid, hair bleach is entirely different to your regular household bleach.
Changing Dark to Blonde Ideas
Even though harsher is than hair dye, the bleach is safe and will create new blonde stand out and everlasting.
Changing Dark to Blonde Ideas
You need to mix the ingredients from the bleach kit. And then pour the powder into the bowl. Still in the ingredients till a thick, gravy-like solutions is created. Apply the bleach to the hair.
Changing Dark to Blonde Ideas
You need to make your hair saturated in the dye so as to assure that your hair is bleached evenly.

Let the hair colour set. Every kit is distinctive, so make sure that you follow the directions. Then you can rinse the bleach out entirely. Let your hair dry. Next, mix the ingredients of the blonde hair dye kit.
Changing Dark to Blonde IdeasChanging Dark to Blonde Ideas
The hair dye will come in small bottle and the activator will come in the application one. Open the two bottles and then pour the content. Shake the application bottle to mix the ingredients. Apply the hair dye to your head.

Then you can leave your hair for the amount of time stipulated. Rinse the hair with water, not shampoo. Lastly, you can pour the conditioner in your hand and work it into the hair.

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