Classic Gray Ombre Straight Long Hair and Acid Violet Balayage


There is no doubt that every woman has the passion to be different and unique. Some women prefer the idea of having dramatic change by having a new haircut, yet some others fancy the idea of changing their hair color.
 Acid Violet Balayage
If you want to have a fabulous change on your hair without changing your hair dramatically, then you should try to consider balayage technique.
Classic Gray Ombre Straight Long Hair
What is great about this technique is the flexibility in having it modified and customized to suit your need.
Long-Hair Balayage
Balayage method includes freehand painting, which is quite sophisticated. Since not all hair colorists are artist, then you have to be sure that your hair colorist is able to do the coloring. Here are some inspirations to look at before you make your decision.
Classic Gray Ombre Straight Long Hair
Balayage, though denotes a modern style, can be well interwoven with classic hairdo. Classic Gray ombre which is combined with a figured hairstyle can surely create a fascinating attractive image which can fit perfectly both in business life and personal life.
Aubergine Hair Color Idea
Straight hair is obviously so useful in making such an impression since the asymmetry or symmetry or bangs has to be well balanced with the hair texture from the sides. Let us have a look at another balayage hair color idea, which is the Acid Violet Hairstyle.
Aubergine Hair Color Idea
This is just another trend of hair fashion tis year-complete hair coloring in bright color. Most celebrities have long shown their originality, which emphasizes the beauty by pale pink or bright blue hair color.


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