Coconut Oil Hair Treatment Tutorial – So Shiny and Soft!


today’s info is going to be the long awaited coconut oil hair treatment.

I’ve been planning to do this for a while now so it’s finally here, thank you guys so much for requesting it and being patient.

You’re going to want to work with third day old hair or second day old as long as it’s dirty it’ll work the best if your hair is dirty. so there’s going to be a couple things that you guys need.

the first one of them being obviously is coconut oil. This one is organic and yeah you can get this at any grocery store.

next thing you’re going to need is a bowl and a spoon, and then you’re going to need a hair tie to tie it all together and then you’re going to need candy just you know in case you get hungry these are sprays, I love these they’re so good ,and then make sure that you are wearing a shirt that you don’t care about just because it’s going to get all oily.

so what I’m going to do here I’m just going to go ahead and take the coconut oil and I’m going to put a couple of spoonfuls depending on your hair lengths. It’s going to vary I use about two to three spoonfuls of this and it’s plenty, I mean, it’s not what ever have leftover, I just put it like on top of my head which you guys will see and I’m gonna go ahead and put It, like I said a couple of spoonfuls in the bowl and then you’re going to want to put this in the microwave for about twenty ten to twenty seconds and this is what you’ll get like a hot oil.

Why I’m going to start doing is just start by putting this in my roots just because I want my roots to be the main focus because you want to nourish your scalp. That is where your hair goes from, if you didn’t know, so I’m just gonna want to do that and I love doing this because I love head massages!

yeah feels pretty good! I’m just going to go ahead and keep doing that. Just good every inch of my scalp is gonna be drenched in this coconut oil and what I like to do with my ends, I just go ahead and put my end straight into the bowl and then add that to my actual hair.

so I’m just going to go ahead and keep rubbing and rubbing until I feel like it’s just throughout my hair evenly like evened evenly, does that make sense, I think you guys know what I mean with the leftovers I’m just going to go ahead and pour this into my scalp and just keep rubbing and rubbing until I feel like it’s even throughout my head is that is that the words I’m looking for!

it’s really good for your hair and then, once I’m done with that I’m just going to go ahead and put it into a bun just to keep it out of my face on. This does kind of leak onto your forehead, your skin which is not a bad thing but because coconut oil is really good for your skin, so I’m just going to go ahead and do that really. Once you have your hair into a bun I will leave this on your head for no less than one hour the best results I see when I do this is to sleep in this so if you’re sure to do that all you have to do is put like a towel on your pillow, So it doesn’t get everywhere.

It’s gonna be really greasy obviously but yeah just um one hour at the least is best and if you choose to sleep in minutes that is the best for your hair and why you guys are waiting you guys can totally like wax your moustache because that is what I did, but after wash this out it’s gonna be so shiny and soft, literally!

The best thing I use for my hair and I’m gonna show you guys I used to pick this out of my hair so I go ahead I went and use the big sea salt shampoo from lush and then to conditioning.

I use the Aussie 3 minute miracle which is the best thing I’ve ever used it’s only three dollars you can get it at Walmart but other than that!

That is pretty much it thank you guys so much for being patient with this info but I really hope you guys try this out let me know if you guys do and how you like it but yeah thank you guys so much for reading my tutorial.


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