hey guys welcome back to my website so today I have all these hairstyles to show you they’re so easy and so cute for back-to-school you know when you’re so bored with your hair and you have no idea what to do with it so I got uses bursar style is really edgy and works on literally every hair I start with a part down the middle and I grab a one-inch section right beside apart and start with the very front of the hair by dividing it in three pieces to start our French braid

so this is kind of hard but I promise by the third or so timing practice you’ll get it like I did so you do a normal French braid or a Dutch braid whatever floats your boat but you’re basically just grabbing a little section from the back every single time you braid it so now I’m working my way to back my head and once I’m done I just turn it right in place with bobby pins by doing a little crisscross

now that we’re done with this side we’re just going to mirror into the exact same thing right beside the original braid you start with a small section running front divided into three starting normal braid at first then you slowly add in pieces from the back into your braid and it just try to make it as neat and straight as possible and I like to brush out my baby hairs with an eyebrow brush afterwards

second hairstyle is kind of a half-up half-down fun but instead of being right on top of your head it’s more drooped down and casual you know but how you start by grabbing a big section not going further than my ear and brushing it back with my fingers but at the same time making sure the front looks cute and neat then I tie it with a hair tie

I tease that ponytail a bit to create more volume for the bun and right here it’d look like an actual pony just licked it then with another hair tie I just twist it and it form it into a bun and it’s just as easy as that

third hairstyle we’re going to start off the same way as lost form but before doing anything else I like to tease the crown of my head to create more volume for the ponytail

so I do it with a brush and also arm the hair by pulling out some pieces then once

Cute Easy Hairstyles For School Long Hair Cute Simple Hairstyles For – Best Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas for Women & Men

I like the shape and how it looks I just tie it so what the pieces we put aside it we want to smooth it out and bring it back and just sort of wrap it once on top of the ponytail then pin it back directly below it and kind of hide it then we do the same to the other side remembering to bring it on top of the first one and you wrap it around then secure it and hide any book

this next one is so easy but I wanted to include it in here because it’s honestly my go-to and sometimes you just forget that wearing a hat is the quickest and cutest way to style up in college where I go to we can wear hats so I basically go wearing a different one on what every day the next hairstyle we need a cuter hair tie like this when I got from Urban Outfitters but they’re everywhere now and they’re so cute I’ve just been using them to add a little nice touch to my ponytails I usually also just put my hair up in a ponytail when it’s a bit dirty and curled from before just to add more volume and make it all like that messy and cute look our last one for this article is how I do my hair buns on the last day when my hair is just done kind of like me on Fridays during school I seriously just grab it with the ponytail and right before I do my last loop instead of pulling through and completing the ponytail I stop it right there and I kind of scrunch it but I need a second hair tie for that just so it’s more secure and I can shape the fun however I like most of the time I have flyaways and pieces that don’t want to stick to the plan so I just pin them away with bobby pins and I brush out my baby hairs and I’m off the tour if you enjoyed watching this article as much as I loved filming it for you guys don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and also hit the subscribe button all other details like new socials and everything about my hair will be down below and I’ll see you guys on the next one


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