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Cute Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair 2016

A lot of wearers of short hair like dressing up their hairdos with hair colour. Apparently there are an assortment of tone options which are particularly well matched with short locks. By simply modifying your short style with dye, you are enabled to create an entirely new look without having to trim more length from your current locks. Here are some ideas that you can try to get your short locks enhanced sparkles.
Cute Hair Colors for Short Hair

The first idea is sunkissed highlights. You can add some style to your bob style or any other short hairstyle with sunkissed highlights. Choose a particular tone which is a few shades lighter than is your natural hair colour.
Cute Hair Colors for Short Hair
After that, have thin highlights set in your hair just at the crown of your head. By doing that, you are enabled to create the appearance of natural highlighting without baking in the sun.
Cute Hair Colors for Short Hair

The other option that you can try is the Bold Highlights. For a stunning look which is more planned, you need to choose bold highlights. Using a particular tone which contrasts with your hair colour well, place some chunky highlights all over your short tresses. In order to keep the hair appear natural, you need to use a naturally occurring colour.
Cute Hair Colors for Short Hair
In case you want to create more statement with your hairstyle, you should opt for a bold synthetic-looking colour, such as red. If you like, you can also have the two-toned coif as the additional variety to the bold highlights. This is just the best option when you want to create cutting-edge style with a double toned colour.

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