Dirty Blonde and Natural Honey Blonde Color Ideas


In case you are looking for a goddess-like look, which can get you fascinating and gorgeous look, then most hair colorists will say “Surely blonde color”. When you look at the magazine covers around you, you may spot some fabulous models pulling off blonde hair color.
Dirty Blonde Hair Colors 2 color - dirty blonde*
Without a doubt, blonde hair color ideas have been so popular and well known to be versatile color to suit any hair texture, length, and natural color. You can also easily customize this particular hair color by applying a number of techniques, such as ombre, balayage, and even simple highlights or lowlights. Hereunder are some of the fabulous examples of blonde hair color ideas.
Dirty Blonde
Let us talk about one of the hottest blonde around, the dirty blonde. Kid-like color appears as one of the most desired blonde.
Dirty Blonde
This style surprisingly appears so elegant and natural with its nearly light brown or dark blonde. For sure, that appears so flattering on a wide range of complexions and are also easy to maintain.
blonde actress photos: Dirty Blonde Actresses
There are of course a lot of inspirations for dirty blonde. Some of the most popular ones include dirty blonde with ombre, dirty blonde with highlights, dirty blonde with lowlights, and so on.
Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas
If you are someone who really fancies natural look, then going for natural honey blonde is perfect choice.
Natural Honey Blonde
In fact, this hair color is chosen as the hottest trends of the year, honey blonde hair can enhance the natural warmth of any base color and complexion.
Natural Honey Blonde and Dark Blonde with Highlights
In addition, it can create a rich tone which can nicely blends more easily with dark roots for easier upkeeps.
Natural Honey Blonde and Dark Blonde with Highlights


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