Dirty Blonde with Natural Highlights


All right, all right, I know ombre has been around and popular for quite some time and may appear rather tired and overdone, yet the new wave of ombre appears all the more special since it looks more subtle melt of light color rather than striking dark hair to brassy yellow or orange transition.
Dirty Blonde with Highlights
When you meet your hair colorist, ask him or her to bring your hair color up about a couple of shades on the bottom section third of your hair, if your hair colorist is experienced in this, I am sure that he will re well-versed in the ombre technique that he usually does.
Dirty Blonde with Highlights
Well, if you are at all interested, here are some examples of subtle ombre for achieving fascinating dirty blonde.
Dirty Blonde with Highlights
There is nothing worse than having zebra stripe highlights or lowlights, so when you are looking to lighten your hair color a little bit, you had better try some face framing highlights which are just a couple of shades lighter than is your natural base color, such as the above ombre.
Dirty Blonde with Highlights
Without a doubt, highlights are supposed to appear natural instead of like a style with stark bleach blonde streaks. Therefore, would recommend you to avoid that outdated style, ladies!
Dirty Blonde with HighlightsDirty Blonde with Highlights
For example, you can check out Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous natural hair highlights.

She simply keeps it look light around her face yet also has some fascinating highlights worked all over her rest of the hair. Her hair colorist is surely genius since her color is one of the most popular hair color in all of Hollywood.Dirty Blonde with Highlights

This hairstyle help visitors to find about natural looking highlights for dirty blonde hair

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