Easy 50’s Hairstyles for Blonde and Brunette Short Hair

The decade of 1950s was the decade of post-war revolution with the popularity of the more secure and conservative time. By contrast, most women had entered the workforce during the war period.
Retro Hairstyles with Blonde Hairstyle

As a result, the conservative look was made to look popular by Marilyn Monroe. Here are some ideas that you can try to create the Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle.
Retro Hairstyles with Brunette Hairstyle
You can create a distinctive impression by simply copying the popular style of Marilyn Monroe, which is loose and wavy with some curls. You need to choose chin-length-layered hairstyle with shorter layers created around your face.
Retro Hairstyles with Brunette Hairstyle
Wash and then apply your hair styling gel all over your hair, right from the roots to the tips. After that, you can blow dry your curly hair naturally, which focuses on straightening it by using a roller-brush.
Retro Hairstyles with Brunette Hairstyle
In case your hair is flat, then just let your hair air dry or blow your hair dry, while at the same time pulling your hair gently away from its roots in order to create volume. And then spray the ends of the hair which has been dried using hair spray and also set one-inch sections with medium hot rollers.
Retro Hairstyles with Brunette Hairstyle
After that, you need to start right at the ends and then wrap your hair from your face. Next, let your rollers stay in the hair till they are cooling down for about twenty minutes.
Retro Hairstyles with Brunette Hairstyle
Then you can remove the rollers. You can brush your hair in the opposite direction in which you rolled the hair toward your face. Lastly, you need to use your hair spray the roots of each curl to add some volumes. Flip the hair over and flip back.

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