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Edgy Hair Color Ideas for 2016: Purple Hair Color

Well, it seems that there are no limits when talking about hair color ideas. Although it is true that few women opt for having dramatic change with a certain haircut, most women like the idea of having a new look with them by having a change on their hair color. One of many hair colors that women want to have on their salon appointment is edgy color.
Edgy Purple Hair Color

This particular hair color can be the answer to your confusion when you spot a myriad of hair color ideas that appear equally trendy.
Edgy Purple Hair Color
But what I am going to show you in this article is all stylish and so essential in the realm of fashion. Check out the series of edgy hair colors for 2016 and get inspired.
Edgy Purple Hair Color
First off, let us have a look at Purple Hair Color. All the fabulously ravishing purple hair colors are so trendy in 2016.
Edgy Purple Hair Color
Ranging from deep purple to lightest one, lavender hues, purple hair colors offer you the option that you can match your skin tone.
Edgy Purple Hair Color
Those who have dark complexion can try to go for darker shades, while those who have light skin tones as well as light eyes can choose the lovely pastel hues of lilac and lavender.
Edgy Purple Hair Color
There is no doubt that this particular hair appear so pretty on long hair and match well just with any seasons. Therefore, you do not need to have a number of changes on your hair color to suit different seasons. That also means that you can save time from having your hair dyed again and again.

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