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Golden Blonde and Medium Ash Blonde

If you are looking for a certain hair color which can make heads around you turn, the one which appear so sexy beyond the ordinary, and the one pulled off by many celebrities, then the answer has to be blonde hair color.
Neutral Golden Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde hair color is known as one of the versatile hair color to choose since it allows every woman to have various kinds of blondes with different hair length, texture, and base color. Also, blonde hair color can be well enhanced by means of lowlights, highlights, ombre style, or even the balayage
Neutral Golden Blonde Hair Color Ideas
style. Of course, there are so many types of blondes that can drive you fascinated. In order to help you to make the decision on which blonde to choose, I will show you some inspirations of blonde hair color ideas.
Neutral Golden Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Take a look at some of American celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Emma Watson. They all appear entirely gorgeous with their platinum blonde. As you see, golden platinum blonde appears so special with its sweet, sun-kissed, and radiant look.

For golden blonde hair, it is highly recommended to go for color with soft highlights enhancement which is woven with natural hair colors.
Medium Ash Blonde
In order to add massive dose of healthy shine, you can try to have a color reviving gloss for refreshing faded ends and strengthen the warmth of your hair.
Medium Ash Blonde
The other blonde hair color idea is the medium ash blonde. This particular color looks so great on women who have cool skin tones as well as complexions.
Medium Ash Blonde
This is going to be great for complementing your eyes’ colors, particularly if they have gorgeous hazel colors, brown eyes, and even blue ones.

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