Hair Color Ideas: Lowlights Trends in 2016


Most people are so familiar with highlights for their hair, which can lighten natural hair to light brown or blonde colour. Nevertheless, if you fancy the lightness of your hair tone yet plan to add dimention and depth, you can simply have qualified hairstylist and add lowlights to get that look. Lowlights, as the name suggests, are the strands of more vibrant and deeper colour which is added to natural hair. They can nicely make your style much more interesting and help you to make your hair complement the colour of your skin. Here are some ideas for trying on lowlights colour to different hair.
Hair Color Ideas With High & Low Lights
Lowlights for Blondes
It is said that blond hair is the most coveted colour of all, yet a single shade of blond has never appeared chic. That dull shade can be made livened up easily with some lowlights. Without a doubt, blondes are commonly best suited for honey, caramel, or bronze lowlights.

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Hair Color Ideas: Lowlights

These can be easily added to the base of your hair close to your sides and neck, or just at the tips for getting natural look on most parts of your hair.

Hair Color Ideas: Lowlights

Lowlights for Brunettes
Rich, lovely brown hair can surely benefit form lowlights as well. Brunette has is best complemented by the stunner of red-toned lowlights such as auburn, cinnamon, or rust.

Hair Color Ideas: Lowlights

If you have black hair, it would be great to consider adding dark brown lowlights to create texture and dimension. There are of course some other inspirations for trying on lowlights.

Short Blonde Low Light Hair Colours Low Light Hair Colours Ideas


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