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Hair Color Ideas: Lowlights

There is no doubt that highlights are quite popular these days. This particular tone can be used to lighten natural hair. However, if you plan to have your hair remain the same with its lightness, you can just have the help of your trusted stylist and add some lowlights to achieve that look.
Hair Color Ideas: Lowlights

Lowlights for Redheads
All right, let us see how lowlights can complement Redheads. Red hair is nice yet is often considered so solid in tone without any variance. Redheads should choose lowlight shade which is close to their natural hair tone. If you are a ginger, you can try to add a slightly darker tone than is your own.

... low lights make for a beautiful hair color!

Those who have auburn hair are commonly able to add some golden brown lowlights. Redheads should avoid adding some tone of blond to their hair. So, instead of merely relying on the sparkle of red hair, why not try enhancing the beauty of your hair?

Hair Color Ideas: Lowlights

Combining Lowlights with Highlights
The last idea to try on is mixing highlights with lowlights. In order to achieve the most dimension with your style, you can consider sparkling highlights which are placed in the hair just along with some lowlights.

Hair Color Ideas: Lowlights

It is common that highlights are designed to frame the face so as to brighten it up, while lowlights are set in a more discrete area of the hair in order to create more richness and more depth in tone. Combined, they can make a wide range of hair dimension, and add texture and transition and appear modern and fresh.

Hair Color Ideas: Lowlights

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