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Hairstyles for Kids Aged 11

Kids who are aged 11 to 13 are leaving behind their childhood and then approaching their teenager period. This clearly means that their hairstyle will be affected by the combination of carefree attitude and youthful fun, as well as efforts in order to fit or attract the opposite sex. Some youths will surely want to have a hairstyle which allows for both purposes.
Hairstyles for Kids Aged 11

In order to achieve those purposes, a number of hairstyles can be chosen. Here are some ideas to look at.
Hairstyles for Kids Aged 11
For kids at the age of 11, short, no fuss hairstyles are more preferred by boys than their older siblings. This is because impressing girls is not the focus yet.
Hairstyles for Kids Aged 11
In case your son is quite active in sports, you can suggest him to wear crew cut hairstyle which will help to eliminate the matted-down hair that he will have after putting off his football helmet.
Hairstyles for Kids Aged 11
Spike hairstyles are mostly chosen by youth this age that fancy soccer, basketball or any other activities which do not require helmet, for the hairstyle can make them look all the more aggressive to their opponents.
Spike hairstyle for boysSpike hairstyle for boys
If your son really likes the idea of simple hairstyles, then perhaps it will do. Simple hairstyles which are longer and one length are indeed a popular hairstyle among girls at this age.
Spike hairstyle for boys
In addition these girls are way better when their hair is well secured by using a ponytail during sport activities such as cheerleading or playing basketball, then when the hair is styled in a layered cut.Hairstyles for Kids Aged 11

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