Hairstyles for Round & Oval Face Shapes: What to Choose and What to Avoid


Just like the types of body, women have a number of face types as well. Dealing with dressing for a particular body types is almost similar to having the right hairstyle to match your face structure. There are some hairstyles that can match square faces, long faces, and even heart faces.
Hairstyles for Round & Oval Face Shapes
Round and oval faces both possess a rounded hairline yet it needs different style in order to make each face type look in its best shape. Hairstyles for Round & Oval Face Shapes
Hairstyles for Round & Oval Face Shapes
If you want to have something different for your round or oval faces, then perhaps the hairstyle below can work best for you.
Hairstyles for Round & Oval Face Shapes
An oval face is best defined as one which has a slightly rounded hairline and a jaw which is slightly narrower than the templates of the head. This is indeed one of many popular hairstyle for this particular face shape. Simply look at Mariah Carey, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Aniston.
Hairstyles for Round & Oval Face ShapesHairstyles for Round & Oval Face Shapes
They all showcase fabulous hairstyle. Oval faces offer particular advantage since it can complement almost all kinds of hairstyle. Since the oval face is so balanced, any length of hair can usually appear great particularly when the hair is swept back off the face.
Hairstyles for Round & Oval Face Shapes
What to avoid? Well, basically there are a number of important points to be aware of. You had better avoid short hair unless that hair is made swept back. Avoid a style which is all one length and a center part. Also, straight bangs should not be put on a woman who has a round face. Avoid style which also place most of the hair volume at the ears since this will add weight to the face.


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