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How to Adjust Classic Bob for Round Face

Round face appears one of many face characteristics that most women want to change, to some extent. This is due to the fact that this particular face shape appears chubby, even though you are not overweight. In order to complement that particular face shape, there are basically a number of face shape that you can pull off.
Classic Bob for Round Face

The bob hairstyle can really create awesome look on round face. If you are not really into this hairstyle, you had better take into account the varieties and the impression that bob style can create. Keep scrolling and find the best bob style of your own.
Classic Bob for Round Face
f you have initially made your bob end at your chin, you can have your hairstylist to cut the longest existing layers bluntly. Or, you can have the layers all in exactly the same length, which is great to draw attention to the bottom section of your face.
Classic Bob for Round Face
That will also can create an elongated effect on how your face looks.
Classic Bob for Round Face
Should you be interested in classic bob, you have to know the characteristics of this hairdo.
Classic Bob for Round Face
Classic bob is chin length, yet a lot of women with round faces have difficulty wearing bob with chin length since it makes the face appear way too wide.
Classic Bob for Round Face
In order to avoid this flaw, you need to ask your hairstylist to cut your hair as if she were cutting classic bob, but make sure that the length is well adjusted. For most women with round face, bob hairstyle which is a bit longer than chin will look fantastic. Classic Bob for Round Face

This hairstyle help visitors to find about long bob for round face

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