How to Do Lowlights at Home to Overbleached Hair


Changing your hair tone at home can be easily done with the use over-the-counter coloring kits.
Hair Coloring Techniques At Home
Adding some highlights or lowlights to your hair can really help you to get a new look. Lowlights are useful when you over-process your hair with bleach, and they can add rich texture and also color to contrast and blend with blonde tone which is associated with bleaching.
Adding Lowlights To Gray Hair
Using lowlights in one color 1 to 3 shades darker is going to get you the possibility to add more depth and dimension to your hair.
Adding Lowlights To Gray Hair
Trim split and dead ends. Meet your stylist if you cannot trim your ends, then condition your hair thoroughly by using deep and penetrating conditioner in order to help you smooth down the hair shaft so as to prepare the hair for the lowlights.
Adding Lowlights To Gray Hair
Comb your hair to assure that your hair is parted as usual. Section your hair into 4 areas, one of each section and two in the back. Next, you need to clip each of the 4 sections using hair clip.
Lowlights At Home Kits
You are going to add lowlights section by section. Afterward, you can mix the lowlights coloring. Make sure that you wear gloves and place a sheet or towel right under your feet to catch possible drips. Stand in front of a mirror.
Lowlights At Home Kits
Remove a hair clip to allow a section of hair to hang down. After that, you can spray the section that you are working on by using water in order to dampen them. Apply lowlights to your hair strands and sections where you want to apply the darker highlights.
Go on applying the coloring to all the hair strands in the first section and move on to the next by repeating the process.


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