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How to Highlight Hair Different Colors

Highlights in your hair can get you younger look, brighten your facial features, hide grey hairs, or simply get you an entirely new look. When you highlight your hair, it is essential to stay right in three shades which are lighter than is your natural hair tone.
Highlighting Hair Different Colors

Applying two or even three of the tones which are recommended for your hair tone, instead of merely one highlight tone, can create the soundest look. Highlighting your hair will save you lots of money and aid in brushing up your hair toning skills.
Highlighting Hair Different Colors
First off you need to choose two or three tones which you want to use. Bear in mind that staying in three shades of your natural hair tone is going to make the highlights even more natural.
Hair Highlighting Guide
Get each dye a mixture in your hair. To combine the dye appropriately, read the instructions that are available in the package. Most highlighting kits will instruct you to mix a package of tones in with gel or liquid and shake it to get it mixed. Then you can streak the mix on just small strands all over your hair.
Highlighting Hair Different Colors
Start ¼ inch from your scalp and then go all the way down right to the end of your strand. You need to begin on one side of the head and alternate the tones, which highlights small strips of the hair till you get to the other side.
Highlighting Hair Different Colors
Be sure that all of the tones in your bangs, too. And then you can apply the highlighting dye with the application combs which is included in the highlighting kit.
Highlighting Hair Different Colors
Afterward, you can allow the dye to soak. Lastly, you can wash your hair.
Highlighting Hair Different Colors

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