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Luxurious Hair Color Ideas for 2016

There has been fact that women are interested in having different looks and appearing different. One frequent way to do so is done by having change on their hair, be it related to hair color or hair style.
Neon and Pastel Hair Color

While it is true that most women will simply go for dramatic change on their hair cut, some others are so fond of having various changes on their hair color.
Neon and Pastel Hair Color
If you plan to have your hair color changed and achieve sparkling look as posed by the current hair color, then you are on the right site. Hereunder are two hair color ideas in 2016.
Neon and Pastel Hair Color
First, for those who fancy glam look, you can try the touches of neon. If neon hair was not your preference in 2015, the current trends of hair color offer you a new type of neon color which is based on neon paint yet in a more clamed hue.
Neon and Pastel Hair Color
Rather than going for crazy neon you can choose to have discrete accents which are hidden among your hair. Try to create perfect combination of blue and black, purples and blonde or bred and brown.
Neon and Pastel Hair Color
Without a doubt, any of those color combination can appear fascinating on you. another hair color idea to try is the Glamorous pastels. Pastels are the tones of the year, namely pink and blue pastels, so they cannot miss from the current hair color trends in 2016.
Neon and Pastel Hair Color
These delicate and soft shades have come to substitute the neon hair colors in 2015 and though they are recommended as all hair color, the result is going to be really pleasant and neat somehow.

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