Masculine Hairstyles from the 80s for Men


The hairstyles in the 1980s were so dominated by creativity. The styles in this era were quite big and daring for both men and women. They were considered as the integral part of the daily style. Although the hairstyles from this era were, to some people, pondered to be complicated, they were in fact so easy to achieve. Here are two fabulous hairstyles with the 80s look for men. Read on and find out how you can incorporate the styles into your lifestyle.

 Masculine Hairstyles from the 80s for Men
For men, there are a couple of hairstyles which have sound masculine look, the Mohawk and spiky hairstyle. These
were two prominent hairstyles in the 1980s.
 Masculine Hairstyles from the 80s for Men
Perhaps it is due to their appeals that these days more and more men are interested in wearing these hairstyles, with some modifications of course.
 Masculine Hairstyles from the 80s for Men
Let us start with the spiky hairstyle. You can spike your hair first. Then pour just a generous amount of gel in your hands.
 Masculine Hairstyles from the 80s for Men
Afterward, you need to push your hair up and out. As such your hair is sticking everywhere. You can also create parts of your hair into spiky forms. This particular look was so popular among creative types and punks, and oftentimes complimented with bright hair colors.
Spiked Hairstyle for Men with Large Forehead
Another hairstyle to tryout is the Mohawk. When you are cutting your hair into a Mohawk, you need to shave or cut your hair from the right and left side of your scalp first, which leaves a single, middle row of hair.
Spike hairstyle for boys
You can then force the middle row of your hair to stand upright with hair styling gel.


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