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Pakistan Style Wedding Hairstyle

Pakistani women are known to showcase their long locks in certain hairstyles which show their hair length. Although up-dos are often decorated with some accessories, such as beaded jewelry or native flowers, they are also popular. In order to pose more sparkle of such long locks, some hairstyles can be swoon over.
Pakistan Style Wedding Hairstyle

This particular hairstyle combines the characteristics of side ponytail and braided up-do styles. The hair is simply parted on either side and then pulled back into a nice ponytail.
Pakistan Style Wedding Hairstyle
A portion of your hair in the ponytail needs to be braided and wrapped around the base of the ponytail. The remain of your hair in the ponytail is worn in tight and long curls.
Pakistan Style Wedding Hairstyle
Another hairstyle for wedding in Pakistani style is the Volume Bump with Cascading Curls.
Pakistan Style Wedding Hairstyle
The popular hair bump set on the top, back part of the head is combined with this style. The hair is simply gathered and pinned on the top so that the bump can create volume.
Pakistan Style Wedding Hairstyle
Decorative jewelry piece is set at the front of the bump and hung down to be set on the forehead. The remaining hair in the back features loosen curls.

Lastly, you can also resort to the Curled Up-Do style. The hair is simply pulled up high and then put in ponytail.Curled Up-Do style for Pakistan Wedding

The ponytail commonly features tight curls which are pinned near the base. In order to create more stylish look, you can use crystal jewels on bobby pins to hold your curls close to the head and decorate the style.

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