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Pulling off French Braid with Berets: Perfect Hairstyle for Waitress

So you want to choose a hairstyle which can comply with the current demands of dress code in modern restaurants, but you also want to express your true personality through the choice of hairstyle. It has been widely known that for waitress, wearing the proper hairstyles can be quite a challenge.
French Braid with Berets

This due to the fact that not only does she have to choose a hairstyle which appears fascinating, but she also has to be acquainted with the issues regarding hair and food.
French Braid with Berets
While some modern restaurants have opted for side-stepping this very issue by including the use of hat as a part of a waitress’ uniform, it seems that for waitress who works in the more traditional restaurants are still required to takes issues with such matter.
French Braid with Berets
However, there are of course a lot of inspirations of hairstyles which can be pulled off so as to comply with the dress code at work and also fulfill your passion for fashion statement.
French Braid with Berets
If it is possible, you can try to wear berets. When pulled off in French style in work circumstances, these cute little French hats should not be worn on top of the head, yet rather as a cap with the hair pulled inside of the hat.
French Braid with Berets
The bangs can be curled and then styled right around the beret to complete the look.
French Braid with Berets
You can also opt for French braids. French braids are so popular with servers since they not only look great but pull the hair back and then keep the hair from looking loose at the ends. French braids are really elegant and can be styled by weaving tiny clips

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