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Shag Hairstyles for Pear Face Shape

Our face shape really plays an important roles in the way we choose our fashion and styles. The incorrect choice of sunglasses, or even worse, the wrong haircut which is combined with the wrong face structure can really mean months of ponytails and headbands. This clearly exemplifies how important it is to deal with choosing the right configuration of styles.
Shag Hairstyles for Pear Face Shape

It is important to know which hairstyles can play up your face shape and emphasize the positive. There are some alternatives of hairstyles that you can choose in order to achieve the right definition you want the most.
Shag Hairstyles for Pear Face Shape
First off, you can take into account the hairstyles with shag. As we know, there are lot of hairstyles which appear fabulous with shag, either long or short. Women who have pear-shaped face can opt for a shag, which is considered as a great hairstyle for pears.
Shag Hairstyles for Pear Face Shape
In this case, more full on the top section with thinner layers adorning the ends, can appear stunning. This particular hairstyles tend to make the face appear more oval.
Shag Hairstyles for Pear Face Shape
In addition, this hairstyle work best whether the hair is long or short and was presumably made most famous by the Friends superstar, Jennifer Aniston, in the era of 1990s. The haircut can work well with most face shapes, in fact, and the renewed version surely looks great on pear-shaped faces.Shag Hairstyles for Pear Face Shape

Another point to note is to put your best face fore-wards. Since the forehead is the narrowest spot of the face, emphasizing on it can create an illusion or proportion.

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