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The Classic Undercut for Men


The current staple of hair trend in men’s runway, the fabulous undercut has apparently adorned lots of editorial looks and the faces of lots of superstars and sportsman. The cut has also celebrated one of the long-lasting prevalence in street style fraught with younger generations’ passion for embracing the trend.

The Classic Undercut for Men

There are some reasons why this cut has been so popular. First, it can be readily modified to suit different looks that you have ever wanted, ranging from casual to more rock-star-like look. Also, you can wear this cut regardless of your hair texture, be it straight, wavy, or curly.

The Classic Undercut for Men

Lastly, it can be interpreted in various ways. With more and more variations of undercut hairstyle appearing on fashion magazines, it appears that choosing one exact style to swoon over is quite overwhelming.

The Classic Undercut for Men

If you fancy something which appears a little more conservative, you can for a classic undercut which surely still maintains its main features. You know, trimmed sides, yet laves the top section not too long.The Classic Undercut for Men


This classic undercut is highly recommended for men who may be rather apprehensive about this particular cut since it is quite simple and is not too extreme. As such, styling the classic undercut is so easy and simple, and a bit of hair styling product will make the hair clean and well polished.The Classic Undercut for Men

If you want, you can try to have a wet look gel or even mousse, which will give the cut a classic touch of the 40s or 50s. this can be great to change the overall proportions up.


The Classic Undercut for Men


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