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The Quiff and the Poodle Haircut for Teenagers

The 1950s was known as the first decade that named and recognized the teenagers; someone that was between adulthood and childhood. Teenagers began developing their own styles and fashions. There were in fact a number of popular hairstyles for both teen girls and teen boys, which have been so iconic lately. If you are someone who really fancies classic look, which actually appears so trendy these days, then perhaps the hairstyles below can suit you the most.
The Quiff Haircut

One of many popular classic hairstyles from the 1950s was the Poodle Cut. The Poodle haircut was so popular among teen girls. Basically, this was a hairstyle which was achieved by making the hair tightly curled and cut so short.
The Poodle Hairstyle for Girls
Afterwards, the hair on top of the head was made into a bouffant.
The Poodle Hairstyle for Girls
This hairstyles was created and made famous by the Lucille Ball of “I Love Lucy”. Again, the curls were often achieved either by curling the hair with rags naturally or using rollers or even by the use of chemical perm.

In the 50s, this haircut was so common among teens to perm their hair at home. The quiff is another hairstyle from this era. Teenage boys in the 50s oftentimes pulled off a quif, which is definitely one of the most symbolic hairstyles of the 1950s.
The Quiff HaircutThe Quiff Haircut
This hairstyle was particularly popular with members of subcultures that considered themselves to be rather rebellious, such as teddy boys, rockers, or greasers.
The Quiff HaircutThe Quiff Haircut
Teenager boys commonly wore the quif with their long sideburns, and also sometimes in conjunction with a center part right at the back off their head, which was known as the ducktail.
The Quiff Haircut

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