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The Sparkling and Flexible Style of French Twist for Waitress

Apparently, working in restaurants has posed more fashion demands, especially on waitress. This is due to the fact that they are the ones who serve the customers directly. Thus, most restaurants always want to assure that their waitresses are dressed up and styled in the proper way.
French Twist for Waitress

However, this sometimes poses certain difficulty for the waitresses themselves, as they cannot express their fashion statement. Instead, they have to pull off a certain hairstyle which they themselves do not like. Let me show you one inspiration to deal with such fashion issue.
French Twist for Waitress
The French twist has offered some of the styling advantages which the French braid has, which includes pulling the hair away from the face and also keeping the ends tied up.
French Twist for Waitress
Therefore, they will not end up in the food. This is surely important for waitress who tends to work with large serving trays on their shoulder.
French Twist for Waitress
No waitress wants to have their hair lying on the tray and the food, for sure. In addition, this hairstyle hearkens back to the movie hairstyle in the 1960s- think about Grace Kelly.
French Twist for Waitress
That being the case, it possesses an inherent glamour and beauty which are built into it but can surely be enhanced by using a fancy hair comb which is decorated with some silk flowers, rhinestones, or sequins.
French Twist for Waitress
If you want, you can also wear berets to secure the hair throughout the hectic day at work. Apparently, this hairstyle will work best for those who have lots of demands at work, requiring her to move around a lot.

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