Vanilla and Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas


Whether you believe it or not, blonde hair color has the appeal to turn heads and endow you with exceedingly sexy look. Blonde hair color has been proven perfect on just any lengths of hair and texture.
Vanilla Blonde Gorgeous Blonde Hair Color Ideas
As you can see on TV, internet, and magazine, there are a lot of celebrities who have pulled off blonde hair color and they indeed appear so majestic.
Vanilla Blonde Hair Color
Blonde hair color is the perfect hair color to dye your hair in if you want to spark some waves in your local fashion circuit. Have a look at two of the popular blonde hair colors below and see if they can fit your look.
vanilla blonde highlights
First off, you may be interested in Vanilla blonde. Now think about Michelle Williams. In order to have the crown of this baby blonde hair color, which is recommended by celebrity hair stylists, you are way better off keeping your hair remain short.
Strawberry Blonde Coloring Ideas for Dark Hair
Of course, that will make the roots need regular consistent touch-ups.
Strawberry Blonde Coloring Ideas for Dark Hair
However, with the sparkling result that you will have, it is entirely worth it! The other idea of blonde hair color is strawberry blonde.
Strawberry Blonde Coloring Ideas for Dark Hair
As you see, blonde hair color can be perfectly matched with almost any hair colors. The strawberry blonde is the perfect combination in order to give you sexy and fabulous look.
Strawberry Blonde Coloring Ideas for Dark Hair
The hue of rich, deep, red strawberries, when it is meshed with a golden platinum tinge will surely be perfect combination to have when you want to have stunning strawberry blonde hair color. Without a doubt, this color complements short as well as long hair. Therefore, the length of your hair is not going to be a problem.


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