Vanilla Blonde Color Ideas


If you want to get a stunning look for your special occasions, be it wedding party, birthday party, or hangouts with your friends, then you certainly call for a hair color which can help you pull off your sparkle.
Vanilla Blonde Hair Color
The Vanilla Blonde can be the proper choice to go.
Vanilla Blonde Hair Color
This is just the right choice if you want to go baby blonde just like Michelle Williams. One thing for sure, it will give you sound statement through the vanilla look on your hair.
Vanilla Blonde Hair Color
So if you can achieve more sparkles with a different variation of blonde hair color, why should you stick on the ordinary blonde look? Here is an idea to help you make your decision.
Vanilla Blonde Hair Color
Without a doubt, going for baby blonde requires a major commitment. There have been lots of ideas to achieve this particular hair color. However, most experts, one of them is the popular celebrity colorist Kim Vo, highly recommends touching up hair roots every three or four weeks.
vanilla blonde highlights
In case you are at all interested, make sure that you ask for bright golden hue with some pale highlights when you make your next salon appointment.
Vanilla blonde hair color
Another thing to take into account is that you need to know that bleaching your hair can often be damaging, then it is absolutely essential that you consider keeping your hair short so as to prevent any hair breakage.
Vanilla Blonde Hair Color
As you see, when it the coloring job is done properly, you can achieve the stunning blonde hair color with vanilla effect.


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