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Variations of Tapered haircut for Men and Women

Tapered Hairstyles have always remained popular, in one form or another, in hairstyle for a number of decades. No matter whether it is a man’s traditional tapered hairstyle or a sassy woman’s short haircut, a tapered hairstyle signals clean and simple lines. There are a number of variations to the tapered haircut, so you are bound to choose one which is well suited to your preference.
Military tapered haircut

There are in fact some variations of the tapered hairstyle to showcase. All you have to do is choosing the right one to wear.
Military tapered haircutMilitary tapered haircut
If you are military members or men who have irregular hairlines, you can try the idea of trimming the taper all the way down. One thing to note is that you should not square off the back!
Military tapered haircut
This is oftentimes referred to as a shadow. The taper just works well when the taper itself is taken so short; at most a quarter inch in length.
Military tapered haircut
There are also some tapered hairstyles for men where the back and the top do not blend very well, yet still appears great. These particular hairstyles are often referred to as the mushroom haircuts or even the skater cuts.
Military tapered haircut
These were so popular during the era of 90s yet have mostly faded out of use after 2000. For women’s tapered hairstyle, softening the taper can be a great variation to try.
Tapered Hairstyle for Ladies’ Cuts
Soften a woman’s taper cut by simply leaving longer wisps right at the bottom hairline and also in the front of the ears will appear excellent as this can create more feminine tapered style by avoiding the harsh, straight lines of the traditional men’s taper haircut.
Tapered Hairstyle for Ladies’ Cuts

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