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Voluminous Shag Hairstyles

For sure, long shag hairstyles can transform how your face appears through the use of layers. Most women are interested in wearing layers since they can add texture as well as dimension to the hairstyle that is not possible with blunt haircut. Long shag hairstyles work really well with a number of face shapes and are indeed very versatile when you are styling your hair.
Voluminous Shag Hairstyles

The overall look of a long shag hairstyle can entirely change. This obviously depends on the way you style your hair on daily basis.
Voluminous Shag Hairstyles
If you happen to have thick hair, you can try to wear voluminous long shag hairstyles.
Voluminous Shag Hairstyles
Adding a lifting spray to your hair, particularly on the hair roots, can create volume at the root of your hair and in fact allow you to create more texture on your hair and piece out the lower section of your hair by using generous amount of texturizing cream.

Volumizing a shag hairstyle is without a doubt more time consuming than is simply straightening. A large or medium round brush can help to add volume to your hair, while curling iron can really accentuate the layers appearing in your hair.
Voluminous Shag Hairstyles
If you want to wear bangs in your voluminous shag hairstyles, they can be great option to have especially when you want to blow dry it to the side and not worn in straight down style.
Voluminous Shag HairstylesVoluminous Shag Hairstyles
Side bangs nicely frame your face while at the same time blending into your hairstyle better than straight ones. Voluminous Shag Hairstyles

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