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Wavy Bob for Women with Medium-Length Hair

For sure, for women who want to be flexible with a versatile haircut to suit various occasions, going for medium-length hairstyles is perfect to have. Such hairstyles will be great to flatter just any sorts of face builds and any types of hair. Sounds like one-fit-all I suppose.
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Another thing that makes the hair appear versatile and flexible is that the length of hair can be worn in copious ways. Whether you want to wear your hair up or down, or you want to wear bangs or not, you still can make the overall look impressive.
Shoulder-Length Layered Medium Hairstyles
The main reasons why layered hairstyles have remained the firm favourite among many women is that the styles can bring in movement and create voluminous look at the top section of the hair.
Shoulder-Length Layered Medium Hairstyles
Should you be interested in versatile hair which can allow you to appear stunning in different situations, this is just the perfect style for you.
Shoulder-Length Layered Medium Hairstyles
One alternative to the layered hairstyle is the wavy bob. This hairstyle will certainly work well on just about anyone, though it seems to work best on hair which is at least naturally wavy.
Shoulder-Length Layered Medium Hairstyles
Although bobbed hairstyles can be cut as short as chin-length, they can be as long as almost at shoulder-length. You can create a side part and then sweep the bangs over to one side.
Shoulder-Length Layered Medium Hairstyles
The bangs have to be a bit less wavy than is the rest of your hair. In this case, I would recommend you to choose shorter layers as it can add volume to the top section.

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