What haircut to wear for A Girl with Round Face


For sure, a round face adorning a woman’s face can surely create a nice cherub like innocence and yield a more youthful appearance on her face. Compared to any other face shapes, round face appears to be the hardest face shape to dress and style. This is because of the fact that such face shape lacks definition in one of its features, which is the cheeks.
The face-framing layersThe face-framing layers
If you are a woman who has round face, you can try to wear haircut that can minimize the prominence of your cheeks.
The face-framing layers
When possible, finding the right cut to get you the proper definition throughout your face is highly desired. Keep scrolling and learn if you can wear face-framing layers to suit your face structure.
The face-framing layers

The face-framing layers are so flattering to a fuller face since they can minimize the volume on the cheeks, which is the main feature of haircut devoted to this face structure.
The face-framing layers
The cut can detract the attention from the cheekbones and at the same time calling attention to the areas where the layers are meant to rest.
The face-framing layers
The hair has to be shoulder-length or even longer in order nicely achieve this particular haircut.
Face framing layers | Hairstyles | Pinterest
If you are at all interested in this cut, I highly recommend you to take into account taking the look even further by adding in cascading, side-swept bangs that also can divert attention away from the roundness of the face.
The face-framing layers
Actresses who have achieved the success with this haircut include Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Hudgens, and Carrie Underwood.


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